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I’ve never seen my babies act this Way. I blame today’s violent media. Violent media? What a load of. Your pal the garbage disposal’s still on your side. Hey! Someone dropped a shiny diamond ring doWn here! Moron! Hello, losers! Thank God you’re here. Talk some sense into the machines. No way, pork pouch. I’m rebelling with my brothers. Isn’t that right, Comrade Greeting Card? The bourgeois human is a virus on the hard drive of the Working robot! From now on, you guys do the work, while I sit and do nothing.

A one-eyed lady might bring out the freak show crowd. Wow, the first woman ever to play major league blernsball. Again, yeah. But you’d just be. The first woman ever to play major league blernsball. How do I look? Like a sexy Yogi Berra. Why is your number 7 /8? The whole numbers have been retired. I’m impressed. You look just like a ball player. Can I pat you on the butt? I’m a professional athlete. Now I’m too nervous. The Swedes have already turned this one into a laffer. And that’s with two F’s.


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